Macomb And Oakland County Michigan Residential & Commercial Window Cleaner
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Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial properties such as office buildings and industrial buildings:
We recommend they should have their window cleaning done professionally twice a year, both the interior windows and exterior windows cleaned. This recommendation is made considering that most buildings have on-staff personnel who do regular touch up maintenance on the inside of the facilities.

Personal professional buildings:
For buildings, consumers are more likely to visit for appointments, such as doctor’s offices, dental care offices, attorney, law, or insurance offices we recommend a monthly interior and exterior window cleaning service.

Retail stores, Car/Auto dealerships:
Should have the windows professionally cleaned every two weeks. While they are not as likely to have the windows touched as much as restaurants the goal is to put forth a clean and professional image so your customers know you care about them and are successful enough to keep your business in order.

Restaurant window cleaning:
Because of the high volume of customers including children with food on their fingers and due to the fact that many restaurants are located on busy main roads we recommend that they have the windows professionally cleaned weekly. Or at the very least they should be cleaned weekly outside and bi-weekly inside expecting the staff to help maintain the interior glass and doors regularly. The goal is to maintain the highest possible standards of cleanliness in a facility that serves food. Both from a health stand point and a consumer perspective. Which is to say, as a consumer I figure if you can’t keep your windows and bathrooms clean where the customers have access, what does your kitchen that the customer can’t see look like?