Macomb And Oakland County Michigan Residential & Commercial Window Cleaner
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Cleaning Metro Detroit Since 1997

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are windows with stains & hard water spot difficult & expensive to clean?
    We offer stain removal. It can be time consuming and difficult. We make every effort to minimize the cost. To avoid incurring the damage caused by hard water, calcium, and minerals you should be sure to ask your lawn care professional to direct sprinkler heads away from windows as this proves to be one of the biggest contributors we see when removing hard water stains. It is important to have your windows cleaned on a regular basis to avoid build up and baked on stains from the sun.
  • Does someone need to be home while you are cleaning my windows?
    If we are cleaning just the outside of your home you do not need to be home as long as the screens are not blocking access to the windows. We would then make prior arrangements for payment. When we are cleaning both the interior and exterior windows we are fine working with or without someone being home. Usually someone is home but not always. We would make prior arrangements for entry and payment.
  • What makes Crystal Clear Window Cleaning better than the rest?

    Crystal Clear is well respected in the window cleaning community. There is an annual window cleaning trade show which Gil regularly takes part in introducing new equipment and skills to other window cleaning professionals. Through the years Gil has been recommended to other window cleaning company owners who were looking to pursue different opportunities and wanting to be sure that their homeowners would be well cared for. More recently we brought on General Window Cleaning, a company that has been in business for 40 years. We gladly welcomed their experienced staff and home owners which have high expectations and have been customers serviced for generations. Crystal Clear continues to meet and exceed the quality they have grown accustomed to.

    Most recently we have taken on a younger company named Zapwash which brought with it an amazing “High-Tech” window cleaning system. The Ionic Zero as it is called is the most advanced van mounted water purification system on the market. The only one sold in Michigan. The Zero reduces the impurities in the water to an incredible zero parts per billion, uses ultra violet lighting to remove bacteria from the water, its own water softener, reverse osmosis filter and deionizing resin filters, and a Thermo pure water heater. With this system we can clean your exterior windows and frames with hot water, no chemicals. Because the water is so pure we only have to thoroughly scrub and rinse. The water dries Crystal Clear because it is absent of impurities that would leave marks on the glass. This means your landscaping, and our environment will not have more unnecessary contaminants introduced. With the new High-Tech window cleaning system we can safely reach new heights! We can clean up to 5 floors without ladders, our feet on the ground with amazing results.

  • What can I expect during a typical window cleaning?
    During a typical window cleaning service there will be two or three service techs that show up to your home. They will be wearing a Crystal Clear Window Cleaning uniform. They will be wearing a blue shirt with an orange stripe on the sides and sleeves and Crystal Clear Window Cleaning on the back. They will come in, remove their shoes or put on shoe covers and start by asking if it is ok to start upstairs. The team will move furniture as needed and raise the blinds if you haven’t already done so. We will gladly move furniture but some customers move things themselves so they can vacuum while things are out of the way. Techs will then remove the screens and begin the window, track, and screen cleaning process by dusting, wiping, or taking your screens outside and scrubbing them depending on what is needed. Then the tech will clean the window and frame, and wipe the track. At the same time another Tech will be on the outside of your home cleaning your exterior windows. After everything is cleaned and put back and the work is rechecked by the team leader. You can pay with cash, check or charge at the time of the service.
  • What happens if it’s going to rain on the day of my window cleaning appt?
    When the weather forecast calls for rain we take that into consideration and we will call you to be sure that you are comfortable with having your window cleaning done that day. When deciding what to do there are a few things to consider. If it is not raining at the time of your appointment we usually complete the job as scheduled. If it is a light sprinkle we are still able to clean the windows as it will not change the quality of the job. The rain water is clean and does not leave marks on the glass. It is contaminants on dirty windows that are only partially rinsed away by the rain that leave your windows looking bad. As we clean the windows we remove airborne contaminants such as dust, salt, bird and bug droppings, pollens and mold spores allowing the rain to dry on clean windows.
  • What is the most economical way to have my windows cleaned?

    Windows cost thousands of dollars. The windows in our homes are a very important part of our home. When windows are well maintained and cleaned it removes the dirt and contaminants that collect on the glass that over time can damage the surface of both the glass and the frame. Without maintenance the frames that offer structural support to hold the glass in place can become stained, molded, and may fail.

    It is important to maintain the proper seal and insulating properties of our windows. It is said that the eyes are the window to our soul. When windows are clear allow us to see the beautiful views that surround our homes and let the life giving sunshine in. But when they are not clean, the sun shines on the dirt and we can’t see clearly through those windows. The windows in our business allow customers to see us, to see our smiling faces, and happy customers. The windows when they are Crystal Clear and shining look amazing, and show off the brilliant colors in a retail store, or the light reflected off the newest model of a car, boat, or motorcycle you need to sell! I would say you should be practical in your decision regarding window cleaning but in your practicality do not disregard the “wow factor” for your customers, or how nice it is to be able to look out and see the beautiful landscaping or your family playing in the yard.

  • Do you offer year-round window cleaning, or are you just seasonal?
    We offer year-round window cleaning services for residential, retail, restaurant, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Do I get an estimate for window cleaning before you come out?

    We have years of experience bidding window cleaning services over the phone. This means knowing when to do a phone quote and when not to. Homes that are over 4,000 square feet generally have more variables to consider so we prefer to look at them in person. We will ask you specific questions so we can be as accurate as possible with our estimate.

  • Do You Have A Damage Waiver?

    Yes, we have a damage waiver. It’s a blanket waiver for any job that you contract us to perform. You can fill it out online by clicking the button below.

    Sign Damage Waiver

  • What cities in Southeast Michigan do you service?
    • Auburn Hills
    • Berkley
    • Beverly Hills
    • Bingham Farms
    • Birmingham
    • Bloomfield Hills
    • Brandon Township
    • Center Line
    • Clarkston
    • Clawson
    • Clinton Township
    • Commerce
    • Eastpointe
    • Farmington
    • Farmington Hills
    • Fenton
    • Ferndale
    • Franklin
    • Fraser
    • Harrison
    • Highland Township
    • Holly
    • Huntington Woods
    • Keego Harbor
    • Lake Angelus
    • Lake Orion
    • Lapeer
    • Lathrup Village
    • Macomb Township
    • Madison Heights
    • Milford
    • Mount Clemens
    • New Baltimore
    • New Haven
    • New Hudson
    • Northville
    • Novi
    • Oak Park
    • Oakland Charter Township
    • Orchard Lake Village
    • Ortonville
    • Oxford
    • Pontiac
    • Ray Township
    • Rochester
    • Rochester Hills
    • Romeo
    • Roseville
    • Royal Oak
    • Shelby Township
    • South Lyon
    • Southfield
    • St. Clair Shores
    • Sterling Heights
    • Sylvan Lake
    • Troy
    • Utica
    • Walled Lake
    • Warren
    • Washington Township
    • Waterford
    • West Bloomfield
    • White Lake
    • Wixom
  • Will there be a mess to clean up afterwards?
    We clean as we go so there will not be any drips or window cleaning evidence other than Crystal Clear windows, and maybe Cheerios we find for you under the couch!
  • Are your window technicians experienced?
    Here at Crystal Clear Window Cleaning we respect our team members and they stick around. We have staff that have been with us since 1999. We employ 8 window techs and one amazing wife — I mean administrator. Who holds everything together!
  • Do I need to do anything before my windows are cleaned?
    We ask that our customers move any fragile or heirloom items away from the work areas and contain aggressive animals. If you would like your inside garage windows cleaned please make a clear, safe path to the windows. The same may apply to the basement.
  • How often should I have my home, business/commercial windows cleaned?

    Commercial properties such as office buildings and industrial buildings:
    We recommend they should have their window cleaning done professionally twice a year, both the interior windows and exterior windows cleaned. This recommendation is made considering that most buildings have on-staff personnel who do regular touch up maintenance on the inside of the facilities.

    Personal professional buildings:
    For buildings, consumers are more likely to visit for appointments, such as doctor’s offices, dental care offices, attorney, law, or insurance offices we recommend a monthly interior and exterior window cleaning service.

    Retail stores, Car/Auto dealerships:
    Should have the windows professionally cleaned every two weeks. While they are not as likely to have the windows touched as much as restaurants the goal is to put forth a clean and professional image so your customers know you care about them and are successful enough to keep your business in order.

    Restaurant window cleaning:
    Because of the high volume of customers including children with food on their fingers and due to the fact that many restaurants are located on busy main roads we recommend that they have the windows professionally cleaned weekly. Or at the very least they should be cleaned weekly outside and bi-weekly inside expecting the staff to help maintain the interior glass and doors regularly. The goal is to maintain the highest possible standards of cleanliness in a facility that serves food. Both from a health stand point and a consumer perspective. Which is to say, as a consumer I figure if you can’t keep your windows and bathrooms clean where the customers have access, what does your kitchen that the customer can’t see look like?

    Residential Window Cleaning:
    Residential window cleaning is very subjective because everyone has different standards and priorities for their home. Crystal Clear Window Cleaning has many different programs to meet the varied preferences of our customers.

  • Do you have references I can check?
    Crystal Clear Window Cleaning would be happy to provide you with references. Please contact us online or call us at (586) 504-0498.